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The Project

Hi! I'm Clark Schutz and for my Novato High School Senior Project, I put on a production of Duncan Macmillan's Every Brilliant Thing. I also made a list inspired by the show of everything that makes life worth living. Here, on this website, you can see and add to it!

The idea behind this project is to raise awareness about the dangers of suicide and the effects it can have on individuals. By creating the list, I hope to encourage people to think about the things they most love in life, and to share those things with others. We all need help from time to time, even if it's just a reminder of how wonderful the world can be.

This project is dedicated to Marquan Wallace.


The Play

Written by Duncan Macmillan in collaboration with George Perrin and Jonny Donahoe, Every Brilliant Thing is an experimental play that tells the story of a boy trying to fix his mother's depression by making a list of everything that makes life worth living. Throughout his life, the list grows and becomes more important to him than it ever was to his mom. 


Every Brilliant Thing was originally performed in 2013 by Jonny Donahoe at the Ludlow Fringe Festival. Its improvised bits and audience participation make it so no two performances are ever the same. It is almost a new form of theatre.

The Performance

Every Brilliant Thing was perform on May 12th at Novato High School (625 Arthur St, Novato, CA 94947) in the Performing Arts Center. We raised almost $200 in cash donations and recieved over 40 items for the list. The show went very well! Soon, there will be a photo and video gallery from the performance.

While there are no more currently planned performances, I am talking to some people about doing it again later this summer. The site will be updated if anything happens.

We are a proud supporter of

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


The AFSP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing services for those affected by suicide. Whether you are struggling with it yourself or you have an affected loved one, you are not alone.


As of 5/14/23, we have raised $614 in donations to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, $314 over our goal!

Meet the Creative Team!

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